The past brought to life

The Farm Buildings

Converted Farm Buildings

Until recently Great Hollanden Business Centre was a working farm, the Victorian farm buildings have been converted to office suites and are named after the animals that once lived there. 

Most of these were rare breeds heading for extinction if a breeding program had not been set up. So in 1985 owner Brian Brooks opened a rare breed centre approved by the Rare Breed Survival trust and many of the breeds enjoyed a rescue plan resulting in an increase in numbers.

The Farmhouse.

Built in 1497

The farmhouse has a very long history starting from around 1497, Mr Hasted records that a house and part of the demise of the former manor of Hollanden was conveyed in the reign of Henry VII by sale to a man called John Stace whose son also called John Stace later died in 1539 and his brass inscription can be found under the alter in Leigh Church.

Looking at all the owners and tenants going back through history (and there is an awful lot!) who lived at Great Hollanden Farm, Brian Brooks is the longest single occupier having been there for over 60 years.